Google's powerful front-end MVC turns your website into an webapp.

Angular is baked together with Bootstrap and to create simple yet powerful UI-binding.

Kickstrap uses Firebase, a Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Kickstrap seamlessly combines Bootstrap with top-tier web technologies. It's so advanced, it can run an authenticated, database-driven web app without a native backend.

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Each drawing syncs and is stored at a common real-time data point. Try it.

Via JSPM, Kickstrap can run bundled resources (CSS, JS, text, images...) as dependency-managed packages. Even load directly from GitHub, CDNJS, or NPM.

Modern, Scalable, Production Ready.

In this second version, we've reworked Kickstrap from the ground up, empowering it with the best in pre-processing technologies (Jade, CoffeeScript, Stylus), package-dependency management (, and a fast, front-end MVC (Angular.js).

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Keeping track of and staying up to date on your static resources (JS, CSS, fonts, images...) and their dependencies is painful.

Kickstrap's partnership with provides a strong front-end package dependency manager built on Require.js.

Kickstrap apps are unit JSPM bundles of static resources that can be run at any time in the web app's lifetime.

JSPM also allows for loading resources from npm, CDNJS, and GitHub via its CDN registry.

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Kickstrap is a project of passion that takes a lot of time to develop, maintain, and offer support for.

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