Bootstrap with Apps, Themes, and Enhancements

Any platform, any language, no-install.

Run libraries as apps.

Kickstrap uses a new technique for loading JavaScript and CSS libraries as atomic units or "apps" that can be turned on and off like light switches. No database required.

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Add themes in seconds.

Thanks to Thomas Park of Bootswatch, Kickstrap comes with a handful of themes ready-to-go. This site uses "Spacelab."

Look how easy it is to change themes

Just download and go.

Too many frameworks promise to make your life easy only to require you to install obscure dependencies. Kickstrap is ready out of the box. Just put Kickstrap on your server and begin making your website.

Developer Approved.

Never fall behind.

Bootstrap and your customizations are layered separately so you can stay up-to-date in peace.

Font Awesome

Specially made for Bootstrap, Kickstrap uses the Font Awesome icon library instead of the Glyphicons. Why are icon fonts awesome you say? Easily revert back to the standard Glyphicons from your kickstrap.less settings file.

Talks to You

Kickstrap uses your browser's console like a chat window between you and your site. Quickly troubleshoot your apps and other site settings. Kickstrap also includes an optional notification app called Pines Notify to display Growl-like messages to you or your users.

Write LESS

Kickstrap uses LESS, a shorthand CSS preprocessor that compiles down to CSS and provides options for caching. Read more about LESS CSS. Kickstrap also includes LESS to CSS compilers for Mac and Windows. We recommend compiling to CSS for your final public product.

Color Schemer

Our very own app, Color Schemer, helps you generate color schemes and convert between hsl, hsv, hex, and rgb.

Fine tune Kickstrap

Toggle Bootstrap UI components, caching, console-reporting, and more all from one file.

Get Updates

With the updater app, Kickstrap will automatically compare your version against Kickstrap's servers for updates.

Expert Markup

As one of the many components used from the HTML5 Boilerplate project, Kickstrap's included HTML files have built-in best practices like conditional IE HTML classes, meta properties, and CDN jQuery with local fallback.

Pure Bootstrap

Kickstrap uses Bootstrap at its core, so if it works in Bootstrap, it works in Kickstrap.