Upgrading Kickstrap

From 1.0

If you were one of the lucky few who received this private beta release, please understand there were some sweeping changes made at the last minute to prepare Kickstrap for public beta release. This will take a few steps to get up-to-date but it's all intended to prevent meticulous updates in the future.

Manual Instructions

  1. Backup!
  2. Download the latest version of Kickstrap
  3. Delete the js, themes, extras, and less directories and style.less from the Kickstrap directory.
  4. Please also note the Kickstrap/build directory is deprecated in favor of better-supported third-party compilation tools
  5. Replace settings.less with kickstrap.less
    • Don't forget to merge in your previous settings
    • Theme imports are now stored in theme.less and have different paths (see the themes folder)
  6. Add the bootstrap, js, themes, and extras directories to the Kickstrap directory.
  7. Your HTML files are still linked to Kickstrap/style.less, so change this to just kickstrap.less